Independent Project Final Thoughts

Wrap Up of Independent Project:

Here are just a few snap-shots of my Independent Project Journey:

IMG_7040IMG_8878IMG_2861 (1)IMG_8440IMG_5604IMG_7709IMG_3901IMG_6614IMG_0092IMG_0964

(This is the last project I finished…with straight sewing line! Yeah, sorry, I’m a little excited about that!)

p.s.– These pictures doesn’t even do the past 14 weeks justice of what I’ve done and learned.

What have you learned about yourself?

Well, I’ve learned that I had pretty ambitious goals starting the independent project. Soon, though, I realized that life was happening and my independent project was becoming daunting work. So only weeks into my project I had to put it on hold to figure out the organization of my life so I could enjoy the project that I CHOSE to do. Seriously…I chose this and it was already becoming work.

I legitimately wanted to learn to sew so I took a few weeks to organize meal planning, a few life-saving life hacks to free up some time to spend sewing. I didn’t want to be rushed. So after only a few weeks of trying to get organized I went out and bought some nice fabric and got back on the sewing train!

Last week I finished a baby blanket for a friend and it had straight lines. Straight lines, yep, you read that correctly! In my world that’s a big feat!

So ultimately I learned that in order to undertake a new hobby a person needs to organize their time so it doesn’t become one more thing that needs to be checked on the list. And also, I’m one of those people that put everyone else’s needs before mine and this gave me a little “me” time to practice sewing and making projects for others.

How easy was it to motivate yourself throughout the semester to work on your project?

Once I got organized, meals planned, house cleaned, etc. I was able to enjoy my project. I would take my daughter over to her grandma’s and they would have a play date so I could focus solely on my project at hand. It was peaceful, not having to worry about a toddler and stick pins and scissors and needles. (That is stressful in itself!)

What was the best part of the project for you?

For me, it was the growth in other areas of my life to organize my time to devote to this project. I know sewing is easy for some but it took some time for me to unwind and focus on my fine motor skills and perfectionism to make a project that was worth of being proud. So when it came to the time when I had meals planned, a house full of groceries, clean floors, and a happy hubby and baby it was game on for sewing!


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