Piktochart– New Go-To

Untitled Infographic

Tah-Dah! My creation! (See, I have been busy on my Independent Learning Project! And I’m actually getting the hang of sewing…after 12 weeks and repeated uneven lines.)

I used Piktochart & loved it! I just watched the tutorial and went for it. I didn’t watch any YouTube videos. It’s a very user friendly program. I highly recommend using it.

So for my piktograph I explained how to sew a minky blanket (since that is my independent learning project topic). I chose to use a template because time and creativity are not on my side today. The template was very easy to interchange my ideas with what was already there.

Like all new programs, getting used to how it works takes a little bit of trial and error but like I said, watching the tutorial was helpful. Also, I’m not so tech savvy but I know my way around & it is pretty user friendly. And for being a free service there were gobs of options for graphics, photos, fonts, etc. However, I used my own pictures since I wanted to depict how to sew a minky blanket.

A tool like Piktochart would be useful in the classroom setting. It would be good for those who were above a Microsoft Office tool and wanted to explore with something different. I use Publisher often for work and this was an option that I will use for my professional use. I also think that students would benefit because the online options are always better than standard computer options.

Just because I chose this one doesn’t mean that I wasn’t extremely intrigued by the comic strip options. I clicked around on those too but I chose to complete the assignment with this option. I looked at ToonDoo and I’ve seen the BitStrips on Facebook. They look fun and interactive. I really think students would like doing the comic strips in a classroom setting.

I fully believe in the value of incorporating these online options into the classroom environment. I believe that the classroom provides a safe environment and constructive purpose for students to use creative outlets like those provided on Comic Strip Tools and Online Creation Tools.

In summary, I highly recommend Piktochart for anyone wanting to do a poster, graph, or visual representation. It has a lot of options on the free version and the download process is so easy! I usually stress about that part but it was piece of cake.


8 thoughts on “Piktochart– New Go-To

  1. I love the poster tutorial you made. It was fun to look at and informative. I made my daughter a blanket backed with minky for Christmas. It is so soft and warm.

  2. I didn’t consider the informative value of Piktochart when I was reading the articles for this week, but looking at your creation, I can see how it could be a great classroom tool. I could incorporate it into lessons to make tough concepts a little more user-friendly, or even create bulletin board art with it. Overall, I liked this week’s module because it gave us a little creative freedom, something I hope to provide for my future students!

  3. I loved the theme you used to show this! It made it easy to follow and really simple to keep track of where I was! Good job! Like Margaret said it could be a wonderful tool to use in the classroom! Help students who like to see it instead of read it say on task!

  4. Your tutorial poster is super cool! Very streamlined, easy to understand, and it isn’t a 20 minute YouTube video with a lot of filler nonsense.

    If this is your first time playing around with tools like this, and you had results like this, I think that speaks for the place something like this has in a classroom. It would allow students to flex a creative muscle while learning practical skills like applying knowledge and operating unfamiliar software.

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