Podcasts & Digital Storytelling

The best description of digital storytelling is this, “Quite simply, digital storytelling is the act of using computer-based tools (desktops, laptops, tablets, cameras. and even smartphones) to tell a story. Used in the classroom, it is a lens that teachers and students can use to master the craft of storytelling and argumentative analysis. Digital storytelling might incorporate anything from storyboarding to script writing, revision, production and further editing. From a writing perspective, digital storytelling will teach students how to navigate the writing and creative process, including brainstorming, constructing unique voices, narrating, and perhaps most importantly, structuring arguments in a compelling and logical manner. From a broader teaching perspective, the amount of work required for a digital project often necessitates partnership with another student, which will require teamwork, listening skills, organizational skills and time management skills to stay on top of production deadlines” (Levy, 2014). I can see how beneficial podcasts would be to a classroom. Today technology controls lives and incorporating podcasts into curriculum not only hits the standards required but is another avenue for technology in the classroom. It’s a form of intriguing interaction with technology for the students that is based on an educational foundation.

I never realized how many lesson plan ideas were out there and accessible in a podcast and digital storytelling format. The new ideas from Teacher’s Guide to Digital Storytelling by Leah Levy were dream scenes where students write a narrative essay and draw digital pictures to animate and put it all together and historical slide shows. I knew about the personal narratives, how to guides, and book trailers but giving book work the ol’ digital spin would be a good idea to gain interest from the students on difficult topics.

I may sound illiterate to technology here but I haven’t ever heard a podcast before this week; I mean I’ve heard of them I just haven’t ever sat down and listened to them. Like I’ve said before I honestly do my homework, work, and some Facebooking and call it quits for my online use. But taking time this week to listen to some was enlightening. My favorite was Stress and Education by Maxine Tan (2013). She discussed the differences between eastern and western education. It was interesting to listen to how she was educated in Singapore compared to the United States. It kind of made me want to send my child to Singapore for school. You can check her podcast out here.


12 thoughts on “Podcasts & Digital Storytelling

  1. I liked the video on education and stress as well. I wouldn’t recommend sending your kids to Singapore, but I would recommend being as supportive as the Chinese mothers appear to be. Their incentive was fear, yours can be love!

    • haha, yes, sending my child to Singapore is not my first option. I just hope I can be a great mother who pushes my child to be the best she can be with a loving heart.

  2. I actually hadn’t listened to a podcast ever until only about 6 or 7 months ago, and even still, I only really follow one. I’m afraid to get too into a lot of them, because I’m the type of person that likes to be up-to-date and caught up with stories, and if I’m juggling multiple podcasts, I’m gonna lose my marbles.

    • Yes, they are very interesting. I like that the ones I saw were educational, not just someone going on a rant with graphics. They would be very useful in the classroom.

  3. I was right there with you as far as never listening to a podcast before. I think they would be a great tool to use in class because they will spark so much interest. I do worry about digital storytelling though because there are those students that get in partners and one student does all the work while the other just sits around. Not only that but when picking partners I feel like the teacher would have to put students together that aren’t usually together just so everyone has the opportunity to work with one another and build up their classroom community.

  4. I have fear of learning something new and then not being able to get away from it so sometimes I just do not try it at all. Although I do think I am going to try and fit a podcast into one of the lessons I am writing for another class.

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