Independent Learning: Back to Sewing

This week has been crazy busy to say the least. I had to travel for work, my days were crammed & the warm, spring weather didn’t help my motivation to stay inside and work on homework. So I’m running behind this week. I’m trying to crunch 3 classes into a weekend. You could say that I had scheduling issues… but I do have good news! In my moments of responsibility this week I chose to work on my independent learning project. As you may have known, I took some time off of my original plan of sewing to pursue some life-organizing strategies. I’m happy to announce that I am still meal planning & it is going very well! I’ve also learned that vacuuming my home during my lunch hour quickly twice a week makes the whole cleaning process on the weekend a lot easier…and it alleviates my OCD tendencies for a spotless home during the week so I can (hopefully) focus on the other activities going on in life.

So this week I got to take a trip to the Knothole fabric store. This little store is amazing & has a great variety. I found these four fabrics. I chose a light blue minky for a friend of mine who just had a baby. On the far left is a navy blue flannel for burp cloths. The big pink material is a minky & my daughter just wouldn’t let go so of course, she wins, and I’m making her a big, nice blanket. She is a blankie baby & she is spoiled so…there you go…she gets what she wants most of the time. And lastly, I got a yard of this soft camo fabric. I don’t have a plan for it but it was soft & I figured I could come up with something creative & maybe mix it with another fabric for one of my bigger projects for the end of this course.


So my project this week is going to be to complete the burp cloths out of this navy blue material.


And if I finish the burp cloths I am going to start working on the minky blanket.


So this week I measured & pinned the blue material. I am working to take my time to ensure it is square & perfect. It’s okay for me and my family if things aren’t perfectly square but when I am giving my projects as a gift I am trying to be a perfectionist. In conclusion, I am going to schedule my time more efficiently this coming week & will be able to show progress next weekend.


4 thoughts on “Independent Learning: Back to Sewing

  1. I am relieved to hear I was not the only one who has spent my weekend cramming homework because of procrastination. After spring break, I have been not motivated to do homework because of the amazing weather! But I’m glad that you found your motivation and have been getting busy. Looks like you’ve been making good progress with you independent learning project. Way to go. 🙂

  2. Wow! You accomplished quite a bit for having a ‘lazy’ week! It was a struggle for me too, and I’m still feeling it now. You have some great ideas and I think it is so sweet to be making the blanket for your friend’s new arrival!
    P.S. it’s totally okay to spoil your daughter with tons of blankies!; it just gives her more to remember you by later in life(:

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