Google First Timer

Go Google Yourself! (Kind of sounds like an insult if you use a firm voice saying it.)

This is something that I haven’t ever done & was surprisingly satisfied with the fact that when I typed in “Brittany Lenz” into the search engine, it didn’t pull up a profile picture of me & I wasn’t even in the top 5 of the Google search results.

However, I was #6 on the list for a LinkedIn profile which I don’t have. It has my current position & location even. This scares me. I clicked on the link & it was unavailable. Good! But still something that I need to look into.

When I clicked on the “Brittany Lenz Profiles” for Facebook I wasn’t on the top 5 either! Cha-ching! This may seem crazy to some but having an online anonymity is pretty alright with me. I want to have a positive digital footprint but living my life & not publishing it all online is great with me. I am in my 20s but am not fully into all of the digital age apps & social media sites. I have always thought of myself as a little bit old school. I still use sticky-notes, a desk calendar for work, use the phone to call my mom, and am perfectly happy when my cell phone dies.

Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the world of online resources & learning but I am adamant that I don’t want to be obsessed with it. I am also raising a child & I don’t want her to be stuck in front of the television, iPad, or know how to use a smartphone by age 2. I think using our hands, feet, and mind the old fashioned way is just as valuable today as knowing how to maneuver social media sites. I think it’s important to teach the younger generation how to be a responsible digital citizen since they will be using this their entire life & need to be mature about it. This is why I am choosing to use social media responsibly & am striving to create a beneficial PLN.

I hope that future employers see that I am striving to create an educational personal learning network (thank you Professor Ellington) by using Twitter as a resource to my learning as well as my blog. My Facebook is personal but I don’t put rants on there or anything I wouldn’t be proud of. Most of it is of my daughter to share with my huge family. At our last family reunion there was 98 members and that was only one side of my family so sending a text message to all of them would be impossible but posting it on Facebook gives shares these pictures with everyone. Also, I manage my friend list on there often. If I don’t feel comfortable sharing my photos with them I simply “unfriend” them. I hate that term—unfriend—I don’t mean it personally I just am not close enough with them to share my personal pictures & posts. No offense.

But all in all, I didn’t see too much on my Google search & that made me a happy girl!


6 thoughts on “Google First Timer

  1. I agree so much that being a no body online is great. I don’t really like the thought of people popular on the web or others having lots of my info. I am glad you feel the same! Good post! 🙂

  2. I agree that it’s important to set boundaries with our online lives. It really is possible to be too connected to our devices. It makes me really sad when I see families out and about and parents are glued to their devices, ignoring their children. I don’t want my son to connect with people via device more than he connects to people face-to-face and I have to try to model the values I want him to embrace.

    • I agree & appreciate your support Dr. Ellington. I read an article lately about how kids are now getting the backseat to parents’ devices. I, too, want to be a parent that is actively involved in my child’s life instead of paying attention to my phone.

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