ds106 daily create challenges 2/28-3/5

Last week of DS106 Daily Create Challenges

Saturday, Feb. 28th: Take a picture of a unique heel elevating “shoe” with an everyday object.

Well, now that I have baby girl toys bursting the seams of my home I thought that would be appropriate…especially since I about break my neck stepping on them on a regular basis. Here is my new, fashionable Lego heel (it’s all the rage at mommy & me meetings J)

ds 2-28

Sunday, March 1st: I opted out of doing the scary movie trailer. I honestly am deathly afraid of scary movies. I can’t even watch the previews so my little chicken pants self couldn’t do this one. Sorry.

Monday, March 2nd: Set the timer for 5 minutes and write a story about an article of clothing that is really about something else. I chose not to do this one…I started 3 stories but just couldn’t finish any of them. My creativity was like bad wi-fi….it was interrupted, slow, and I swear the reboot button was pushed on my brain 100 times.

Tuesday, March 3rd: Star Trek face-palm appreciation photo.

IMG_7444 (1)

Wednesday, March 4th: Create a book cover from the days of yore for ds106. Okay, this is a little bit elementary but it’s really all I had that day.

ds 3-4

Thursday, March 5th: Tell of a time when limits helped me be my most creative.

This usually happens when I least expect it or am annoyed at the situation. For example, when I go to a doctor’s appointment I expect to get there, get in, & get on my way but that’s not usually the case. After I get through my moments of frustration (a child’s tantrum inside) I usually let my mind run free with imaginative thoughts. It’s a time when I’m forced to sit there, quiet, and by myself. These constraints are enough for me to let my creativity flow after I come to terms with the fact that I have to sit and wait. I express creativity differently every time; whether it is just thoughts, on paper, or on my smart phone.

So this concludes my month doing the daily create challenges. They have been so good & I plan on doing them regularly still but just won’t post my weekly recaps. But I look forward to seeing how others interpret the daily challenges. It has been good for me to let my creativity flow each day; some days are not so good & others make me laugh at my creativity.


4 thoughts on “ds106 daily create challenges 2/28-3/5

  1. I love the Leggo heel. I have a few Leggo enthusiasts in my family who would jump at the chance to buy such a shoe. You may be on to something. 😉 Thank you for sharing your daily challenges!

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