Meal Planning & Getting back on the Sewing Wagon

Independent learning this week

This week has been productive in many ways. First, I did my second meal planning month. I also found 6 new recipes to add to my meal plan & learned a lot from my first trial month.

I learned that… you can consume too much pasta in a month

… you can’t have rolls & a warm veggie with all meals…even if you try.

… things don’t go according to schedule some days so be prepared & flexible.

… the hubby & child are much happier with a mom who has a “game plan” for meals

…eating at 5:30 p.m. is good for everyone!

This week I found some great recipes on .

I’ve incorporated French bread pizzas, chicken and scalloped potatoes, lasagna stuffed bell peppers, pepperoni stuffed chicken breasts, chicken carbonara with bacon, and cheddar bacon chicken tenders.

I made the pepperoni stuffed chicken breasts this week but didn’t take a picture but they were really good! And it was a good change of pace from what I made last month.

Here is my meal planning for the next few weeks. I only went a few weeks out because I plan on grocery shopping on the 14th.

IMG_2861 (1)

So now that my meal planning & organizing is a little more under control I feel more prepared to give my time back to sewing. i was hopeful it would  only take a few weeks to get my stuff together & I’m excited to get back into sewing. So this week I went to Pinterest to look at tips, tricks, and easy sewing projects to get back into the swing of things. I found this article about the supplies I need to make sewing easier. I have some things but need more if I want to enjoy it without constant hiccups along the way.

I also found a site that gave instructions on how to sew hooded towels–which I love for my little one. So that’s on my list for this week! Check out the article here.

And the last of my Pinterest research this week was focused on sewing with minky fabric. My little one LOVES minky & actually won’t hardly use a blanket that isn’t minky. Spoiled much you think?! Definitely! This article it so helpful.

When sewing with minky I found that I was so frustrated because it stretched, moved, and i couldn’t ever get a straight line. I thought it was that I was an amateur but I guess it’s hard for everyone…and that makes me a little relieved. But it said to pin A LOT! And it also said that you can’t dry minky or heat it because it will shrink. Who knew! New news to me! I put all of my little one’s blankets in the dryer..whoops. Learned something new today.

So I’m hopeful that next week I will have projects to show all of you!


6 thoughts on “Meal Planning & Getting back on the Sewing Wagon

  1. What I’ve found cool about our independent learning projects is how the lessons we learn in them reflect the lessons we need to learn in life as a whole. What you learned this week, that being prepared but flexible is essential to meal planning, rings true in any aspect of life. Taking on hobbies is a great way to learn how to deal with major life events, because you’ve already got the necessary skills needed to be successful, you’re just applying them on a larger scale. 🙂 I’d love to see some of the recipes you talk about, because they sound delicious!

  2. I have a hard time remembering to take photos of food too, even when I plan to blog about it. I have been experimenting with having certain meals for certain days, nothing hard and fast in terms of specifics, but in general…. a pasta day, a soup day, a tacos or nachos or chili day (my son’s favorite meals). But I need a little more variety! Maybe a Mexican day or a vegan day….

    • I try to do meatless Mondays for my daughter at least. I try too but my hubby isn’t into that. Making a monthly meal plan & keeping the meal plan from last month has been a helpful resource too.

  3. I think with all of your planning that it would be easy to incorporate a meatless Monday and Pasta Saturday. Recently, my mother has changed her diet. She started by simply changing the menu one day a week and eventually, she adopted a plant-based diet. I am proud of all she has done and how changes have also helped the rest of her family.

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