Daily Create challenges 2/21-2/27

Here is my week wrap-up of ds106 create challenges:

Saturday, Feb. 21st: The challenge was to draw yourself as a tree.

I chose to get out the ol’ colored pencils & paper for this one. The base of the tree is big & strong (not that I’m big but I feel that I have a strong foundation in life). The branches are many but stand for important aspects in my life. The big branches are Faith, Family, Relationships, Work Ethic, Attitude, Accomplishments. From there each branch leads to smaller branches & leaves. Some of the leaves are messy & unorganized & some are perfect leaves with a direct purpose & are well-maintained. This is my life; some parts get a lot of attention and some don’t at times. But the basis of my tree is that it all works together for a greater purpose in life. I have many dreams & aspirations & I do them all with a thankful heart.


Sunday, Feb. 22nd: The challenge was to do a Before & After picture using a photo-editing source.

I chose to edit a photo of our crazy cat. He is in a Christmas bag. Goof ball!

DC 2-22

Monday, Feb. 23rd: The challenge was to make a collage of 5 things in life that give me joy. And…dang it! It’s small & a little blurry. Okay, well let me explain this collage. The first picture is of crosses & The picture says, “Knowing I am His gives me my greatest joy in life.” The 2nd picture is of the flower & it says, “There is so much negativity in life so hearing a heart-warming story makes my heart happy.” The 3rd picture is the gray one, it’s a Starbucks cup & it says, “A good cup of coffee (especially Starbucks) gets my day started with the right attitude.” The 4th picture is of the 2 girls laying on the ground laughing & it says, “Laughter is joy for the soul. I love a good laugh every day.” And lastly, the 5th picture is of my sweet baby girl & it says, “This is my #5 but it’s really my #2- Hearing my girl say “mama” and needing me– She brings so much joy to my life every second of every day.”    This was my favorite Daily Create challenge of the week because it let me express myself & what I hold important in my life.

DC 2-23

Tuesday, Feb. 24th: The challenge was to create an ice weasel tribute birthday poem for Grant Potter’s birthday. He is the maker of DS106 Radio. So…I went on a quest to look up ice weasels…and come to find out, an ice weasel is also a name for some derogatory bedroom things. I got a WHOLE new education on ice weasels…they aren’t just cute little winter animals. Kinda scary, not gonna lie. Anyways, here is my best attempt at a poem about ice weasels:

To the beat– They’re small & slender

They can fit in your fender

Not like the guitar Fender

They like the cold,

and it’s weird how they can fold

in half, and be a predator & so bold

to the beat– they live in the snow &

everyone knows they don’t have radio signal in the snow.

(Terrible! I know, but at least hopefully it gave you a good laugh!)

Wednesday, Feb. 25th: This one was fun! The challenge was to select 5 emojis from a site that automatically generated emojis & to make a unique story about them.

Emoji story for 2-25 DC

Open this puppy & check it out. I thought it was fun.

Thursday, Feb. 26th: What if DS stood for Deep Space? The challenge was to create a space station for DS106. I tried to get into my Sheldon Cooper mind-frame & be creative with my space station. Well, here’s what I came up with…a little bit elementary but it’s not my forte.

ds 2-26

And Finally, Friday, Feb. 27th: The challenge was to use blue & orange to create an action movie cover or to tweak one that already exists.

First of all– I never realized that most action movies do use orange & blue hues in their covers– fun fact of the day!

So I used an already existing cover from a cartoon & made it my own. The photo CC- giphy.com



10 thoughts on “Daily Create challenges 2/21-2/27

    • Aww, thanks! It’s been fun so far & hearing the nice comments helps build my confidence. I am shy about posting these things but it’s good for me to push myself.

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