ds106 Then & Now

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My post is a little different because I started my Daily Create Challenges on Feb. 3rd. I have been doing them for a few weeks & those that read my blogs (thank you for that by the way) have seen some of my challenges. I have learned to appreciate & actually look forward to my ds106 daily assignments. I do them daily then do one big blog on Fridays. It seems to be working well for me.

Then: I am familiar and comfortable with writing, drawing, and photography but the whole video and recording thing was too much for me.

I would do my 15-20 min. project & just post it to my blog

It seemed like an introduction to something new but actually seemed like busy work

Now: It’s not busy work—it’s a chance to step outside of my comfort zone & try something new

I’m slowly becoming comfortable with the recording & video but it still scares me a little.

It is helping me “up my creative game.”

It’s a great way to experiment with different media “medium” using various internet-based outlets and sites.

Seriously? You don’t have to pay? What’s the catch?

No catch! It’s an open-enrollment course. Come as you please, leave as you please. No cost, just daily participation as long as you want.

Pretty sweet, really.

My favorite challenges so far:

In general, my favorite part of the daily challenges is that they give directions, yes, but they can really be interpreted as each person sees fit. Some days I’m pressed for time so I take the quick route but other days I can explore numerous options & I choose my favorite & go with it. I like the open-ended assignments that give a chance for the creativity to flow.

Anything using Photos and photoshop are my favorite because I am able to use something close to my heart usually. I find that using pictures & events that are directly related to my life help me to be creative & give me confidence to put it out there for the creative world to see.

Also (like I said, I’m still a little shy about the video and recording) so anything that uses drawing is so up my alley. I don’t draw like I used to but I honestly enjoy it. The coffee stain picture was fun. It took about 10 minutes to complete & was cute as a finished product.

So what’s next?

Now that I have just over a week left of my ds106 challenge I am going to try to push my creative envelope. I have been leery so far & this week I want to BUST OUT of my shell & see what I’m really made of…creatively I mean. I know there is more in this brain of mine, I just need to push to find what I can really come up with.


6 thoughts on “ds106 Then & Now

  1. I love that you have been able to come out of your shell a little more and do things that are out of your comfort zone. I believe that is how you know you are growing, by doing things that may be out of your comfort zone. I’m glad you have been able to grow an appreciation for the assignments. I am honestly kind of scared for this just because it is something new. I am worried about harsh and judegemental peers which I know there shouldn’t be any.

    • I was worried too and I think that’s why I don’t upload my daily challenges to flickr or anything, I just do a blog on them once a week. I’m just not to that point yet where I want to publish my creativity. I think it’s okay– at least we are trying & pushing ourselves.

  2. This will be the biggest challenge for me when it comes time for TDC: my comfort zone.
    I can run a microphone or write with the best of ’em, but when it comes to other fields, like video projects or anything that has to actually involve, like, my face, I’m a deer in headlights. The extent of my drawing talent is doodles in a notebook next to my lecture notes.

    Tristen is usually pretty good about getting me out of my comfort zone, though. She’s like a total opposite in that regard. I guess we’ll see how it goes – I’m debating whether to start my TDC sometime this month or just hold out until April.

    • I agree, the whole seeing my face & having to hear my voice thing is too much for me. I’m shy when it comes to that stuff. I’m doing better with the daily challenges because everyone has been so accepting but it’s still scary!

  3. Well how wonderful it is to know that you are almost finished completing the daily challenge. It is also encouraging to know that after a month of working on the 30-day challenge that you have not grown tired of the project. I for one am excited to get started on the challenge.

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