Daily Create challenges 2/14-2/20/15

Daily Create 2/14-2/20

Saturday, Feb. 14th: Our challenge was to play a vintage arcade game on the internet. I chose Crush Roller. It was made in 1981 & it too much like Pac-Man. A fish chases a paintbrush line & eats the paintbrushes. Weird, I know but here is a picture of the ‘Game Over’ view since I couldn’t take a picture of me in action.

Saturday 2-14

Sunday, Feb. 15th: Today’s challenge was to make food into jewelry. Sounds easy, right? No! This one took me all day to figure out what I was going to do. But here it is…I’m engaged!…just kidding, it’s popcorn (and I’m already married) And please don’t look at my fingernails, I really should have used someone else’s hand or got a manicure before this. ( A little bit embarrassing.)


Monday, Feb. 16th: The challenge was to create a poem spontaneously. We were to upload a video of this poem but I didn’t do that, instead I just wrote it here for you.

Learning to be content in February

What’s going on? Is it spring fever?

Is it a take it or leave it situation?

Is it the winter blues? No, it’s what I choose!

Be content. Live life with a happy heart,

Know that I am smart,

Sophisticated, comfortable, and confident.

There’s no need wasting time on spring fever.

Enjoy every moment I am given.

Life is happening, jump on in!

(This is honestly my best attempt at poetry. P.s.—it doesn’t rhyme & isn’t in any sort of form.)

Tuesday, Feb. 17th: What’s your rubbish Internet of Things start-up idea? This was a BIG challenge for me because it wasn’t real clear on what the challenge was (for me anyway). An example would be a watch with an alarm that sounded & you speak into it & it would post what you said to your Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. pages. So essentially it is something dumb that wouldn’t ever sell that has to do with modern technology.

My idea is to create a single earbud that you could insert & it would notify you of social media updates, notifications, etc. to your account so you could have it in when you were in a meeting, school, or at work. This way you weren’t constantly checking your phone & could be incognito. I call it “Bug-cog-neato!” It would look like a hearing aid more than an earbud so no one would be suspicious either. Cool, huh?! Not really…

Wednesday, Feb. 18th: Write your Happily Ever After story or create a photo of that. My happily ever after would be to have my husband, family & the Big Horn mountains. I love this stream & I took this picture last summer. It’s my idea of perfection. I call the Big Horns “God’s county” because the beauty cannot be fathomed. I inserted this amazing home (photo CC-Kevin McShane) because I would love a beautiful, big log cabin right next to this amazing Big Horn river. It’s seriously my ideal location.This one is a little cut & paste but you get it, right?

happily ever after

Thursday, Feb. 19th: Create a coffee stain drawing. It has to have a coffee stain somewhere in it. So my ol’ creative wheels started turning & this is what I created. I thought it was cute. J

Thursday 2-19

And Finally,

Friday, Feb. 20th: Write about an important childhood memory & tell us why it was important.

My memory:

Well, both of my grandfathers has passed away by the time I was 3 years old. I didn’t know either one of them well but I do have one, single memory of my grandfather on my dad’s side. (My other grandfather passed away when I was only a year old so I don’t have any memories of him.) Anyways, I hold so tightly to this memory because it’s the only one I have of him & it’s my connection with the grandfathers that I wish I could have known better. The memory is that we are at my grandparents’ house & grandpa is doing a breathing treatment & he lets me sit on his lap while he scratches my back. I was just a little tike so I didn’t sit too long but I remember him & grandma always having those Tootsie pops & we could have an unlimited amount so I would crunch one up, jump off of his lap, go grab another & come back to spend time with him. He died of lung cancer so he was always hooked up to oxygen or doing breathing treatments that I can remember. It’s nothing too significant but it’s something that’s always held a special place in my heart. I remember the green shag carpet & us wearing a trail in it from the toys in the back of the house to the kitchen. I remember my grandpa’s white forehead from wearing his hat in the sun. He was a farmer so he had the best tan lines. I think I hold this memory so close to my heart because it’s the only one I have. It seems to get more distant each time I think about it but it’s still there & I hold it so dear to me.

Geez, nothing like ending on a serious note. But anyway, hope you enjoyed my Daily Create challenges this week!


10 thoughts on “Daily Create challenges 2/14-2/20/15

  1. Very interesting. I love what you did with coffee stains. You don’t realize how challenging things are until you are made to do them or put on the spot. I like the ideas you came up with, they are fun.

  2. I love your daily create challenges this week. I am sorry that your really did not get to know your grandfathers that long before they passed away but you have one great memory of your grandfather on your dad’s side. I to wish that I had more time with my grandpa. I miss him everyday. It is the memories that keep him alive in my heart though just like yours lives in your heart today as well.

    • Thanks, I was trying to be creative…in about 5 minutes with the popcorn ring. And I just put coffee stains on a piece of paper then envisioned them as bubbles so I went with it.

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