Digging for more in a PLN

Photo CC-Esther Vargas

My thoughts on Howard Rheingold’s tips for creating a PLN
1. His first tip is to explore—I was thinking this as I added my 100 experts to my Twitter feed last week. Well, it started off a little rocky for me. I added 3 to follow & Twitter kicked me out. I received a message that said I was being “too aggressive in my following” and it kicked me out. But the next day I was good to go again. Ha! So I began to follow people that were integral leaders in education, educational systems, 21st century learning links, etc. I didn’t really know what they were all about but I wasn’t going to figure it out unless I tried so I explored numerous Twitter accounts & look forward to sorting them out in the next few weeks.
2. His second tip of Search is my hardest right now—I need to make the time to spend looking for valuable people to put into my PLN. I rely on resources I’m comfortable with & go from there but I’m not going to grow much staying inside of my comfortable little box.
3. His 3rd tip—Boom, done! I’m following them so now it’s time for tip 4: make constant changes; always tune your network. Since I’m just getting established I will need to focus on the maintenance portion of my PLN. Just like anything else in life that’s new—if the time isn’t devoted to it, it’s not going to grow & become an asset in life.
4. And finally tips 5-8 are just SCARY! Engage with others in my PLN? For real? Come on, I don’t want to look like a goon on social media! What if I ask some dumb question or give out useless advice to something they aren’t interested in? This concept is spooky to me. I need to get comfortable with my PLN now & make necessary changes before I can even think about moving on to tips 5-8.
I wonder if my hesitation with tips 5-8 have to do with my personality. I’m not one to boast, bring up controversial ideas, or lead the way in something that I’m not comfortable & educated on. This is especially true in the field of education—I’m such a beginner. I value the input and resources given on my Twitter account from my new PLN & want to learn so much about innovating education.
This is going to be me at the end of this semester—I just know it!
Photo CC-Chris & Karen Highland
My goal in this class is to find that confidence to correspond with others (whether in the Digital Lit class or above) using social media regarding subjects that I’m not fully confident on.


4 thoughts on “Digging for more in a PLN

  1. I understand your apprehension for diving in / asking questions in your PLN. I typically like to lay back and watch what transpires, just absorb information in – but seeing as how it’s a PLN, that’s kind of contradictory to the whole nature of the thing. I haven’t responded to any tweets of anyone on my PLN yet, since a lot of them are famous / established people in successful careers or are major publishers, and I see little chance of being responded to. Or maybe that’s just my excuse.

    • I feel the same way– they are established professionals & what do I have to offer? But that attitude isn’t going to help me at all. This week I hope to research some things & contribute.

  2. I hope you are finding this course to be a source of encouragement and support as you begin to dive in the social media pond. I am not an expert but I hope I will be able to become extremely fluent in social media networking. I would challenge you to think of yourself as a winner and as someone who has much to offer companies big and small. I have been talking about this on my blog. Perhaps you would enjoy checking it out. I have learned so much from my independent learning project. THanks and Take Care!!

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