Daily Create Challenge: 2/7-2/13

Saturday, Feb. 7th: My challenge was to create my own dot for National Dot Day.

SaturdayThis is my favorite dot. It is my circular rug in my living room.

Sunday, February 8th: The challenge was to create a 1 minute commercial. Well, at this time I had a baby with the flu, fever & was terribly sick. I didn’t even have time to do homework. I was worried about having to take her to the ER so I’m sorry, but no commercial.

Monday, February 9th: It was David K’s birthday (who contributes a lot to Daily Create) so we were wish him a happy birthday. Here is my tribute to him:


Tuesday, February 10th: Our challenge was to show was a creative hand looked like. (Again, my baby is still sick at this point & it’s been 6 days & I’m very concerned about her & my creative “juices” weren’t flowing like normal.) But I gave it my best effort at the time.

TuesdayIt’s okay, you can laugh. I do when I look at it. One of my favorite things as a girl was to sit and draw with my grandma. We used to make hand turkeys all of the time. So I used this as the basis for my creative hand. The middle says “Think Outside of the Box.” The pinky & ring finger say right brain vs. left brain (a constant struggle for me). The middle finger represents creative ideas. The first, second, third ideas are usually avenues for an even greater fourth idea. Taking time to be creative & try options usually proves to be beneficial. And the pointer finger is a process of imagining, dreaming, seeking, trying, & experiencing creativity. And finally, the thumb is just a cute turkey face.

Wednesday, February 11th: This was my favorite this week. It was a challenge to find a super power & express that in a picture. My super power would be: Have the ability to free, fast forward, rewind, and slow down time. I want this because sometimes life goes too fast (hence the collage here) and other stages are not fun & we want to speed through them (for example: when my girl gets sick). Here is my picture of why I want this super power:

Wednesday 2-11It is my girl at a few stages in her first year. I want to freeze time right now or at least slow it down. These times go so fast (getting a little teary here). My baby is becoming a big girl & it’s hard for this momma.

Thursday, February 12th: The challenge was to create a family tree. I did one starting with my grandparents & of my immediate family. Here it is:

Friday family tree

And finally, Friday, February 13th: Our challenge is to create a vintage radio commercial.

Here is my inspiration: Bob Hope Show in 1942

ANNOUNCER WENDELL NILES: For the safety of your smile, use Pepsodent twice a

day, see your dentist twice a year.

MUSIC: Brass fanfare

WENDELL NILES: From the Hollywood Canteen, “The Pepsodent Show” starring Bob

Hope and his guest star, Bette Davis!

MUSIC: Fanfare, segue to “Thanks for the Memory” — [cheers and applause]

BOB HOPE: [sings]

Ah, thank you so much …

MUSIC: out.

BOB HOPE: [launches into his fast-talking monologue]

How do you do, ladies and gentlemen? This is Bob “Hollywood Canteen” Hope …

telling you soldiers to use Pepsodent whether your mouth has a lot or a few.

And even though your tooth brush may be G.I., your teeth will never be P.U.

WENDELL NILES: That’s right. I get paid to tell people about Pepsodent but you

– you folks who use it, you’re the ones who really collect. Pepsodent gives

you the big plus of Irium, that speedy super-cleanser that loosens and flushes

away filmy coating you can feel with your tongue. You see, you can have a

bright smile and never know it. ‘May be hidden under a dull coating that

stains and makes your teeth look dingy. But once that film is whisked away,

there’s your natural smile, your bright smile, ready to shine.


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