PLN: Step-by-Step to Create a Beneficial Network

Creating a PLN:

First of all, I feel like this class is setting me up pretty well with a strong foundation for creating a Personal Learning Network. It will be a great asset as I move further into my career.

Step 1: What the heck is a PLN? (check out this link to see what a PLN really is.)

Make it personal: Share my own ideas, thoughts, issues, etc. in a professional manner.

Make it about learning: Share resources, expertise, and professional ideas to improve learning environment.

Make it a network: Use social media outlets & blogs to share ideas & help with strategies.

Once I kind of got a grasp on what a personal learning network I looked into step 2 in how to find educational resources that could professional expand my knowledge & ideas.

Step 2: Using Twitter to build a PLN (check this one out next!)

Okay, I skipped step 3 & went straight to Step 4.

The main idea of Twitter, according to this article, is to jump in with both feet. The more you put into Twitter, the more you get out of it. Twitter can be an essential resource for a PLN. There are so many educated professionals with so much knowledge that are sharing their ideas & expertise on a daily basis.

Step 4: Making time for your PLN (this one is essential–seriously, read this!)

Making time for a PLN is going to be my hardest obstacle. I love this class in that it makes me make time to expand my online resources. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed about all of the available resources & trying to weed out which ones are helpful and which ones don’t matter. It’s important to be researching resources & making sure everything that I choose to be a part of is professional and creates a positive digital footprint.

Step 5: Use your blog as part of your PLN (You may already know some of this stuff but it has new insight too.)

Every time I blog I think of it being there forever & how it will look in 5, 10, 18 years down the road. This site goes over what a blog is then it goes into why blogging is important and how to be active in the blogging world.

The biggest take-away is: Stay Current!

Be online often, take an active stance in creating a PLN & be passionate about making myself better.

You tube: Using Twitter effectively in a PLN

Check out this YouTube video, too! Lots of good links here folks. Enjoy!


6 thoughts on “PLN: Step-by-Step to Create a Beneficial Network

  1. These resources will help me out a ton, great job on research as well as for sharing. My biggest obstacle in building / maintaining my PLN will most likely be the making time for it! I know I have no excuses. I’m usually telling people “you don’t find time for things, you make time,” and this class is no exception. I wait way too long to do most of the work.

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