Independent Learning: Revamping…like a Boss

So this week I decided to alter my learning project for a few weeks. I began my research this week on Pinterest searching meal planning and life hacks. I honestly had a blast doing it! I loved checking out new ways to improve my efficiency through the week so I would have more time with my handsome hubby and cute baby girl.

My mission was to meal plan for a week at a time. But everything I found had “Meal Plan for a Month” and it intrigued me.

So, I went on a hunt.

A recipe hunt!

Look what I did! Then I wrote out recipe cards until my hand looked like the claw from Liar, Liar with Jim Carey.


This is just a fraction of the recipes I wrote this week. So I looked through numerous articles that said to buy all of the ingredients first—it’s going to be super expensive but you only have to buy groceries once a month—another life hack! So I went & bough all of my ingredients with a huge list & came home feeling successful.

Tonight I sat down with my calendar and decided that Thursday will be my leftover day & I have Sunday unassigned but I think I will switch it around since I am home on Sundays it doesn’t make sense not to cook that day. I would rather not cook on another week night. So I know my March schedule will need some changes but for my first time this doesn’t look too bad!

Since I work 40 hours a week & am taking 9 credits I decided that I would get some good use out of my crockpot so half of these recipes are for the slow cooker & I’m pretty excited about that because who loves to stand in front of the oven for an hour instead of playing with their cute toddler? Um, no one…that’s who!

This is what my calendar looks like. Don’t mind the scribbles, I had the help of a cute one year old who happened to find a pen & help me write out my nightly recipe schedule. This is kind of my rough draft but I think it’s worth a try.









Next week I will update on my meal planning progress & I will begin another life hack then too. This weekend I will brainstorm on what I need to do next to increase efficiency in my life.


2 thoughts on “Independent Learning: Revamping…like a Boss

  1. I think meal planning is an awesome idea for the busy moms who just don’t seem to have enough time! I feel like it would be weight off of the shoulders to have everything planned ahead of time that way you only have to look at the calendar to see what the game plan is. I would like to try meal planning once I am older and living off campus. Right now I think it would just be too expensive and a waste of my meal plan here at the school. I will be reading your blog posts though to see the benefits and learn from you how it all works. Good luck!

    • Yeah that is true– living on campus & just cooking for yourself is pretty stress free. Well, hopefully my blogs here will help give you a few tips so when that time comes, you will have some ideas.

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