Daily Create 2/3-2/6

So I chose to do my Daily Create challenge in February because I start another class in March & juggling one more thing didn’t sound like fun then. I was thinking, “Oh geez, one more thing to add every day…” but I was wrong, it’s actually really fun & sometimes challenging.

So on Tuesday my challenge was to find a picture of an animal & give it words. So I chose my cat, Clark. He is the most vocal cat ever & gets on my last nerve when I’m doing homework so I thought he would be a good choice. p.s.- He didn’t really puke in the house 4 times…only twice.

IMG_5140Gosh, that turned out smaller than anticipated. So it says, “I’m sorry that I threw up 4 times while you were at work. I just missed you. What? You don’t like puke as a gift?”

My Wednesday challenge was to put words to a super cute picture of a little black puppy. Here is my creation:


In case you can’t read it, it says, ” Where’s the coffee? I could use a double shot caramel latte about now.”

This is what I look like on a daily basis. Ha!

Then on Thursday the challenge was to find a car & give it life– words, pictures, etc. We could decorate our own car, decorate a model car or decorate one digitally. I chose to go digital because I have a new car & decorating it didn’t sound like my husband would be in favor of that!

So here is my creation… a little elementary but oh well.


It says, “A smile a Day keeps the Doctor Away” because the pink car made me laugh & I feel that seeing fun things in life makes us smile & a little joy in life is always welcomed.

Finally, the Friday challenge has been the hardest. We were to create a theme song for our life. It could be our own version or a remix of past theme songs from sitcoms. This was hard because I had to find a way to upload a remix because I’m honestly not that creative today. I’m home with a sick baby & trying to do homework while she naps so my minutes are rushed here. So in my best attempt, here is my sitcom remix. I chose to go back to the ’90s shows that I watched as a kid. I started with the 7th Heaven theme song then switched to the Family Matters because family is the most important part of my life. My family has my back & I love being with them. This did not pan out like planned… I can’t get it to upload at all now! All my files are saying they are corrupt.

So I guess, the 2nd best option is..


Sorry all, other than this glitch here my Daily Create challenge went great this week. I have the remix soundtrack…just can’t get it to work! …and now the baby’s awake.




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