Independent-Learning #busymomprobs

So far in my independent-learning project journey I’ve learned a few things…and it’s only been a few weeks.

First—I’ve learned a little about sewing…mainly how to make a square & sew in a straight line. (Which is a huge step in the right direction for me!)

Second- I’ve learned that I cannot focus 2 hours a week on sewing because I have meals to plan, a house to clean, laundry to do, chores to do, etc.

So this leads me to my third point—I am going to change my independent-learning project for a few weeks. I’m going to focus on life hacks so I can get back to enjoying my time sewing. I want to learn modern technology tricks to make life easier so I can find time for a hobby. Right now I don’t enjoy my time on the sewing machine because I have so many things waiting for me so I’m going to organize life then take time for a hobby! And I’m excited about it!

I hope this is okay with Professor Ellington but I just feel that I am learning through this project and through this learning I’m needing to go on a different avenue. I had to make time to sew & I don’t have that time until I learn how to organize my home life so I can focus on a hobby.


Right now my hobbies are homework, cleaning, cooking, planning meals, grocery shopping, daily chores, and especially falling into bed for a good night’s rest. I honestly get excited to go to bed every night.

But I spent my two hours this week Pinteresting sewing projects, lingo, and about my specific model of sewing machine so I could familiarize myself with it.

This week I finished my blanket…and folks—it’s square! (for the most part)

Here we are mid-project


See? Look at my stitching! I’m kind of proud. I’m not the best but I think I’m getting the hang of it! Okay, so it’s not straight but it’s better than I have been doings.


And….drum roll, please….here is my first completed project!



So this next week I am going to focus on meal planning first…this may take a few weeks but I want to plan a shopping list, organize my week’s meals, & cook stress-free for my family.

I feel that this is important because this class is all about learning, adapting & using modern technology to make life easier. And I plan on taking full advantage of these two hours a week to life hack my stresses! I want to see what’s out there to help busy moms & I am really looking forward to spending 2 hours doing that this week!


10 thoughts on “Independent-Learning #busymomprobs

  1. I think it’s awesome that you chose to learn about sewing! Growing up my mother put me in 4-H and I spent countless hours of the summertime sewing with my grandma making everything from simple shirts, to a formal gown. It gets frustrating and it super time consuming! I hope you can hack yourself some more time and continue succeeding and growing in your sewing projects!

  2. That is a good idea to organize before you can do your project. Life can get crazy and organization can really help. That was my summer project for myself to get more organized. I wish you the best of luck.

  3. I agree with you that life is stressful and can always use more organization! I, personally, am O.C.D about organization and all that jazz, however trying to work in a new hobby into an already busy schedule is always much more complicated than originally planned out. I’m glad that you were able to realize this and made adaptations for yourself. I think that we could all agree that family and a good quality of life are far more important in life and should be seen as number one priority! I wish you the best of luck in your new search for life hacks so that you may be more stress free and get back into that hobby that you so much enjoy and are getting so good at! Your first project is so cute and well done(:

    • Thanks! So far it has been good– I just shared my first week & focused on meal planning. If I can just get a few things ironed out to create some efficiency in my life I will be back to sewing in just a few weeks! Thanks for the encouragement!

  4. I love this idea! You’re absolutely right: this class is about learning and adapting, observing ourselves, reflecting, making changes based on what we observe, and then trying to apply some of that learning and reflection to our classrooms and our students’ needs in the future. I appreciate being able to learn from you too. Meal planning is a HUGE headache for me!

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