Reverting Back to the Days when Hacking was Cool

After viewing TED Talk “Hackschooling Makes Me Happy” by Logan LaPlante I was enlightened to see a young student with such a desire to learn. I’m not an advocate for homeschooling or virtual school but whatever school he went to looked AMAZING! I found it interesting that when adults ask children, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Their responses are so natural and interest based. Like Logan said, “Adults assume that kids are going to grow up and be happy & healthy.” When in reality we need to be teaching students how to be happy & healthy so they can believe in themselves to become successful in a career.

Photo CC- Lotus Carroll 10107596113_b69e5092ed_n

I was introduced to a positive perspective on “hacking.” To me, as Logan stated most people thought, hackers are people who sit at home and cause computer viruses. HOWEVER, my eyes were opened to a new theory, or a “vintage” meaning of hacking. I feel like the word hacking is going to be a popular word in 2015…just sayin’.

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This is no longer the face of hacking.

This is the face of hacking.

Photo CC- Shakespeare1980 & Fritz Ahlefeldt-Lurvig 13232335643_1e86344a20_h 3396219694_690c83f183_m

Hacking just means finding ways to challenge & change an established system. Hackers are in the business of making improvements to life (not crashing computers). “The original meaning of hacking is worth reclaiming. Hackers are the folks you want on your side when something’s not working like you want it to. Hackers improve things” (Hunt, 2012).

The article by Bud Hunt was interesting in how we use our creativity & how to look through life’s “lenses” in order to learn & expand our creativity. He states, “Learning happens when we make things. We make sense of new situations. We make knowledge by processing our experiences. We make tools to help us do things we might not yet be able to do.”

It’s all about going outside of our “box.”

Photo CC-Live Life Happy 8675765928_1a37da8c89_n

After viewing & reading this information I have learned that I need to foster creativity within myself & as a future teacher. I want to create students (and as a mother I feel this sense of urgency to prepare my children) in how to become happy & healthy so they feel confident in exploring their ideas in life. Like I’ve said at the beginning of this posting, I believe in the educational system but I do believe that the world is changing and many jobs are based on creativity, problem solving, and finding the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th right answer, not just what comes to mind first.


6 thoughts on “Reverting Back to the Days when Hacking was Cool

  1. I actually enjoyed reading this quite a bit. Like you, I thought that hacking was computer based, so, of course I’d never be able to do it! I’m pleased to learn different. I agree that we, as teachers, need to teach students skills that they need to be happy, no matter our subjects! There are too many students without a solid support system at home, and they rely on their educators to give them support and boost them. We have to be more than teachers. We have to be advisors, springboards, and cheerleaders. If we can find a way to hack, to make ALL of our jobs just a little easier, I don’t think that’s a bad thing!

    • I completely agree, today teachers are more than educators of basic subjects. They are the stability in a lot of students’ lives. We are becoming an essential puzzle piece to our students. I think this aspect of hacking to improve us as educators is essential. Thanks for the comment on my blog!

  2. I really never thought of how adults just assume that kids will grow up to be happy and healthy. Thinking about it now though, how many adults themselves are actually healthy and happy? I think this is when we put way too much pressure on students to learn all this stuff in just a little time frame and then suddenly give them the choice of what they want to do with their lives? Why can’t they have more control over their education from the start? Think of how the drop outs rates would change if students actually had some control over what they are being taught. The students could have the power to modify material taught in school into material they know they will need to grow up to be happy and healthy. I wish we would stop killing the creativity of our students and let them have some control. Who knows, maybe they could teach us a thing or two.

    • I think you bring up really great points but I do think that students need a solid educational foundation before they can begin to expand upon that and be effectively creative. I do think that students need room to be creative within the topic of the assignment at hand. I think education is going to be changing a lot in the next generation…we have to in order to keep up with the changing world.
      Thanks for the comments & feedback!

  3. Great post! I must believe in the education system too because I’ve certainly spent my entire life in it. There has never been an August in 38 years that I haven’t been starting a new school year! But I agree with you that some things need to change. We need to ask how school as it’s currently organized and practiced supports our values. And if it doesn’t reflect our values, how can we change things in our classrooms and in our schools that they do reflect our values?

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