The 101 on Digital Lit.

What is digital literacy?

This may sound desperate but I had to Wikipedia digital literature when I signed up for this course…then again when I saw this assignment in order to get a better handle on the term. According to Wikipedia, “Digital literacy is the knowledge, skills, and behaviors used in a broad range of digital devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop PCs.” It incorporates all network devices. It builds upon the skills gained with traditional literacy. It basically puts the traditionally written word into a modern technological device. All rules of traditional literacy apply and are built upon. A person who is digitally literate will be able to know the basic aspects of a computing device, understand the network, and is able to engage in social medias while ensuring proper behavioral protocols.

The 411 on DIg. Lit.

What are the essential elements of digital literacy?

Our culture plays a big role in which literacy is situated.

Cognitive refers to what we think when we are using a device.

Constructive is the aim we should have when using technology.

Communicative is used to enhance our communication.

Confidence is required when we first learn to explore digital literacy then learn to use then master digital literacy skills.

Creativity is required because we can’t always stick to the basics. The world around us is changing so quickly we need to keep up with the times.

A critical eye is necessary when evaluating the technologies used & if they are effective in your life.

Civic duty is essential and responsible- technology should be used to enhance our world, not tear it down.

Click here for the Essential Elements to Digital Literacy

What is digital fluency?

Digital fluency, according to, is the ability to effectively and ethically interpret information, discover meaning, design content, construct knowledge, and communicate ideas in a digitally connected world.” Programs have been established to teach professionals, teaching administration, students, etc. about how to communicate effectively in a digital world.

What do I expect to learn?

I hope to learn to be comfortable using so many technology resources. i need to work on my digital literacy confidence. I know how to use many sources but am not comfortable with them & am not willing to extend my reach to other areas of communication and technology. In this course I hope to gain confidence and create a positive digital footprint. I have a lot to learn and I am too young to resist the technology boom. I better get on board or I am going to be clueless.


2 thoughts on “The 101 on Digital Lit.

  1. I had to do quite a bit of googling to figure out what the content of this course should be too! There are so many different definitions available as well as many different focuses on the course syllabi I looked at. That’s one thing I enjoy about teaching this course–the flexibility of what we can do!

    • I love this course! All of your classes are so fun because they are a great avenue to foster our own learning. We get out what we put in & they are based on technology. It’s a great way to introduce new technology sources with the comfort of knowing they are safe & help make a positive digital footprint.

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