…and the survey says…we made it!

Final Survey for Eng438

…and the survey says…..I did it! …almost (I’m finishing my last book that the library just got in and that will be my book talk #5)


How many books did I read this semester for class?

 Geez, I thought I did better than this…but I read 24 books this semester. In my defense, I started 5 or 6 and just couldn’t get interested in them so I stopped halfway through (which probably was a bad choice) but you know those that you just can’t seem to get into…lesson learned.

What was my favorite book from the required reading list for this course?

 I chose “Speak” by Laurie Halse Anderson because it was the first book I read about real teenage issues and it opened me up to find a lot of other books I read and really liked with the similar themes.

What was my favorite book from my independent reading for the course?

 I really like John Green books this semester, and my favorite was “Fault in Our Stars.” It is a fantastic book of teenage trials and finding the silver lining to a bad situation.

Suggest one book that you think should be added to the required reading list for the course.

I think a Gary Paulsen week would be great because he is so dynamic and his writing style comes in many forms (I think). His books range from serious like “Nightjohn” to “Hachet” to light-hearted books like “Crush”. It is such a wide variety it would be interesting to see what students thought and what they chose to read from him.

What is your favorite blog post that you wrote this semester?

I really liked the book talks (my favorite being “Fault in Our stars”) because I could put my own spin on how I interpreted the books and who I would recommend them to.

Which classmate’s blog did you most enjoy reading?

Lacy’s! She was the first to reply to my blogs when I was finally added to the list (oops) and I really appreciated her feedback (oh and I loved her blogs of course!!)

Which social media tool facilitated the most learning for you?

 I loved the blogs and it was a great learning tool for me to see what my classmates were reading, learning, and the articles they found were great resources. Goodreads was a close second for me because it really kept me organized with my books and what I was reading/read/or wanted to read.

What are you going to read next?

My list is long! I am reading “Code Name Verity” by Elizabeth Wein now for my 5th book talk. The library just got the book in and I have been waiting all semester to read it so I am now trying to get it all read so I can do my book talk and finish up the semester!

I enjoyed this class so much—When I first looked at the syllabus I was intimated (to say the least) with the workload that this course entailed but once I got into the routine I liked reading and all of the social media tools we got to experiment with!  I learned a lot about varying what I read in order to get a range of books I’m familiar with for my future classroom. I also learned the importance of finding that passion for reading as well as igniting that passion in students. 


One thought on “…and the survey says…we made it!

  1. Gary Paulsen writes such diverse stories and he is a favorite with younger teen readers. I can’t wait to read your thoughts on Code Name Verity. It was my favorite book this semester.

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