Book Talk:Inquiry Project (hopefully it works!)

I hope you guys can access this…..not sure yet how it will work. It is the link for my Inquiry Project. 


It is at…it is called book talk:Inquiry project if the link does not open for you who are interested in seeing it.

I could not get wordpress to upload it and it directed me toward this site. 


Any comments on how it works/doesn’t work is greatly appreciated! 


3 thoughts on “Book Talk:Inquiry Project (hopefully it works!)

  1. I was not able to click on the link and get to it but it worked when I copied and pasted. Could be just me. I really liked your evoke emotion slide. When I was talking to our local librarians who give book talks some of them get really into it. I have watched them a few times and love the emotions. I also really liked your ideas for better or more creative book reports. As a future teacher I am always looking for ideas to bring some excitement to the classroom.

  2. Great project! The link worked just fine for me. As well as providing a solid how-to for book talking, you make several key points for teachers and librarians to consider. It’s really important, I think, to only book talk books that you like or that you know you can really “sell.”

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