Will Grayson, will grayson (confusing no more!)

                This week I read Will Grayson, Will Grayson by John Green and David Levithan. This week’s topic was a learning curve for me. I was uncomfortable at the beginning of the week but I learned a lot. After reading this book, I can understand the view point of teens who may be gay and different from their other teenage counterparts. I knew I was in for it when I picked up this book because on the front cover there is a bold sign that says “This book contains profanity.” Then on the first page there is another one of those signs. However, I didn’t mind the language at all. I thought that the authors depicted how teens really talk and it gave a character quality to both of the Wills.

                So this book, Will Grayson, Will Grayson, there are two boys who live outside of Chicago and the authors distinguish them by having alternate chapters and in the straight Will Grayson’s chapters it is correctly written with capital letters. In the gay Will Grayson’s chapters his name is in lowercase so that’s how I will explain it here.


Will Grayson (straight) & will grayson (gay)


                Both of these boys are in high school (different high schools) and Will Grayson has a super-fantastic gay friend (who is a really big guy) named Tiny Cooper. Tiny is part of this Gay Alliance. He invites Will and there is this girl Jane there. Tiny tries to set them up but Will just isn’t interested in her. Tiny decides to create a play called Tiny Dancer—staring him and his oh so wonderful gay lifestyle…but Will Grayson is a part of the play but doesn’t want to be. In the meantime he found out that Jane liked him but he wasn’t sure he liked her back until she got him a fake ID, which ended up having the wrong date and he was only 20 on his ID, but keep this in mind, it will help when I explain how both Wills meet.

                The other will grayson is a depressed, secret gay who is angry, confused, and has issues with his friends, mom, his parent’s divorce, and cannot seem to handle it all. The only relief he gets from real life is using his computer to connect and IM with Isaac. Isaac is this amazing guy to knows all of will’s secrets. Then will’s friend, Maura, is so nosey and keeps asking him if he is gay and he side-steps the question but secretly is thinking of Isaac the whole time. Then one night will and Isaac decide to meet in downtown Chicago. But come to find out the place where they are to meet is a gross porn shop.

                As will grayson walks in the door the cashier is saying “Will Grayson, Will Grayson” because the other Will Grayson used his fake ID to get into the porn shop (after his friends ditched him for a 21 and older concert) and then he had to use his debit card to pay for his mano y mano magazine. The boys are confused but end of sitting on the curb and talking about the weird change of events in their life. When they are sitting on the curb Tiny calls Will and at the same time Maura calls will. Maura proceeds to tell will that she made Isaac up and that she did it as a joke. will is crushed and hates Maura (for good reason!) and Will is there to help console him.

                Then after the concert Tiny and Jane meet Will at the curb in front of the porn shop. Tiny talks to will and they end up walking to the park and spending the night talking and it leaves a great impression on both of them. It becomes the bud of a relationship between them and they text each other every 5 minutes. will is able to tell his mom that he is gay and they actually have a mother-son moment. Then Will decides that he really likes her but Jane is kind of seeing her ex-boyfriend and it gets a little complicated with feelings. That night, a few blocks away from the porn shop, Jane and Will kiss and connect in their ’10 minutes of truth’ where Will can tell Jane how he feels, honestly.  

                Even though will was crushed after Isaac was revealed as being Maura, it led to a wonderful relationship with Tiny (who also realized there is more to life than his portrayal of a gay life) and Will is able to express himself to someone who he likes as well. Through complications of names, identities, and emotions, Will Grayson, Will Grayson is a must read! 


One thought on “Will Grayson, will grayson (confusing no more!)

  1. I also read this book and I loved it. Like you, I was wary about the profanity but I also thought that this is the way teens talk. The authors did a great job at making this book authentic. Even though I avoid using such language, I think teens will enjoy reading a book that has it just because they can relate. It really is a great book!

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