How to become interested in reading novels


I was searching today for a blog topic and typed into my Google search “How to become interested in reading as an adult” and this article popped up!

It said that the first step in becoming interested in reading is to choose a book that means something to you. Whether you like love stories, excitement, fiction, or horror…find something that you enjoy reading about. It can even be something as simple as a magazine…but instead of looking at the pictures—read the articles too!

If you have to put that book down, make sure it’s something you want to go back and finish. If that drive isn’t there…move on to another book and keep trying.

A big part of being interested in a book is that you  make time to read that book (great idea huh…only if there were 32 hours in a day instead of 24!) Choose a time of day, be it in the morning or at lunch or in the evening that works into your daily schedule and you can relax and be quiet with a book.

I have found that the best part about reading is that is relaxes me…I must say this is a learned “art” because I am a busy-body and I hate just sitting but now I have my reading chair and my hubby knows that in my reading evenings I have my chair, my red blanket, and my sweats on. Some people like to read with a glass of wine, others in front of a fire place…whatever does the trick and gets you to relax while reading…do it! The only way you are going to figure out what works for you is to give it a shot. When I don’t feel like sitting anymore I jump on my stationary bike and ride while I read…it’s a great way to keep my legs moving and keep my mind focused on the book at hand.

The most important rule of all when learning how to become a novel reader: find a genre or author that you really enjoy and stick with it until you are in full swing of your reading routine. Also, let everything else wait while you enjoy a good book for a while.

I know what I’m saying isn’t rocket science…but it has helped me to learn to love novels and it might just help you too! 


One thought on “How to become interested in reading novels

  1. I love the idea of the 32-hour day, with the extra 8 hours being spent reading!! Great advice here–finding an author or genre you love and allowing yourself to read obsessively! I do try to find time every day to read–even if it’s just for a few minutes before bed. This semester, I decided to make my Friday afternoons all about reading too. It’s sooo relaxing to sit and read for a few hours. I look forward to Fridays all week!

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