Finding the Love

So it has only taken me 2 semesters, 225 books and I finally (I think) have it figured out! I love to read! Last semester I took Children’s Lit and read over 200 children’s books for my independent project and it was fun but I didn’t love it. This semester I am making myself sit down and enjoy a book. I mean, really enjoy it—to the point where I can sit now for hours and read and not hear anything else going on around me…and it’s fantastic! 


Reading ROCKS!

I have also noticed some perks to reading so much. I think now that I am more fluent, increased vocabulary, and I feel like my mind works harder and I can concentrate more. I don’t know maybe it’s just a temporary feeling, but I think I am seeing some rewards of reading so many hours a week for this Young Adult Lit class. And honestly, I look forward to going home and curling up with a good book. Not that all the books we read are happy, some deal with big life issues, but I have learned to enjoy them and the language that the authors use that is unique to each book. 

Reading makes life a lot easier.

After reading our first 5 novels for class, I have gone to bed after reading…exhausted! I get so wrapped up in the character and what they are doing through it is taxing on me (crazy, right?) Well, maybe not! I think that is part of a good book and getting enveloped in the text. 

A good book should leave you...slightly exhausted at the end. You live several lives while reading it

So on that note– I look forward to the rest of the semester full of reading, adventure, and learning through the eyes of the book characters. 


2 thoughts on “Finding the Love

  1. I think that you got the point for why us bookworms love our books. Good books pull you in and suck the life out of you. You should be tired after getting invested in a character or situation. Congratulations on finding the secret of a good book!

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