Is Twitter bizarre or it is just me?…

Don’t get me wrong, I love technology and that we are making our “digital footprints” by using all of these technology resources but one that I can’t seem to understand it Twitter… To me it seems like it’s a status update on Facebook but no one ever connects or replies to you… it’s like saying things for the world to see and no one cares. It’s just words spread to the universe. To be honest, it’s kind of frustrating trying to ask a question to my classmates and no one answers…ever. Okay, I will get off my Twitter soap box now.

I think that creating a digital footprint other than your personal Facebook account is beneficial for the professional world but so far it’s lonely and a little hard to wrap my brain around. It’s like I’m giving my opinion to… myself. However, I like the blogging and sharing on because I can see what other people are doing and reading and get suggestions of what to read next for my independent project. Okay, I will get off my Twitter soap box now, sorry I had to add a little more.

I guess I will get the hang of it. I have thought maybe that I’m doing something wrong in the digital world but I’m going to keep on going, to create a positive effect on my name in the world of the worldwide web!  Good luck to all of you out there who are kind of confused too.

On a lighter note, I even got my high school I work at to get on Twitter, thinking it would help our image and get the word out to those “tech savvy” parents who use it to get notifications of snow days, meeting, etc. but their response seems to be a deflated balloon effect just like mine. 


One thought on “Is Twitter bizarre or it is just me?…

  1. I am going to be completely blunt and honest, I do not like Twitter. LOL! I only have it for this class and as soon as May his I will never use it again. I am a true Facebook fan, and I can’t convert over to twitter, and I am not a fan of the hashtags!

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