Rules reviews and a look at thoughts


According to GoodReads, Rules received 3.95 out of 5 on the rating scale. So far, it has received 17,013 ratings and over 2,000 reviews just on this website alone. It has a liking rate of 93%. Also on GoodReads, I read 31 of the reviews and 30 of them were positive. There was only one partially negative review. The reviewers liked that Cynthia Lord so clearly portrayed life with a sibling or family member that suffers from autism. One person wrote that Cynthia Lord has an autistic child and that helped the impact of the book. I was unaware of her family situation but found that interesting. Another part that most reviewers liked, it was my favorite part of the book too, was the constant reference to Frog and Toad by Lobel in their conversations or arguments. I thought it was sweet and made me smile when Catherine would get mad and David would come up and say, “I’m sorry Frog.” And she would instantly put down her guard to him. It was their special bond and “language” that connected them. It was a quick read that was mainly heart-felt and compassionate but it also, as the reviewers agreed, was about the complexities of teenage life and the influences that make life hard to deal with sometimes. The only negative statement given was by someone who (what seemed like an upset, grouchy person anyway) said that it was about an over dramatic teenage brat and they didn’t like the first person writing style and that the words were overly hyphenated and distracting. I personally did not notice any of those things when I read the book. I enjoyed the content, unique twists to the language used and the connections made to real life and living with autism.



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