Thoughts on Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

This week I read Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. When I started the book I instantly enjoyed the mystery. I read the book and also watched the movie along with my reading to reiterate the text. I was a bit confused as I began reading because the setting and plot were hard for me to visualize but as I watched the movie I was able to see what Collins intended as she wrote the book. One aspect of the book I really thought was interesting was the reality television that related so closely to lives today. I find it hard to deal with that people are watching kids fight for their lives and being interested in watching the details play out. The love of reality television today is vibrant but the hunger games that these kids are involved in bring it to a new level and then the separation between reality and televised entertainment begins to become blurred and the innocent lives are at stake. The book is very suspenseful and it makes me want to sit down and finish the series. I enjoyed all of the literary elements that kept me, as a reader, so very interested. 


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