Thoughts on Doug Kaufman’s article “Living a Literate Life.”

I really enjoyed the article of Doug Kaufman’s titled “Living a Literate Life, Revisited” because it was truthful. I appreciated his definition of modeling defined as “the act of living one’s life under the gaze of another.” To me, living a literate life is living life honestly and with purpose. I can relate to his topics on shying away from material that is personal and may seem private. It is that material that might speak volumes to a classroom of students. I also really enjoyed the fact that he says we must practice what we preach. We must be excited about reading and literature in order to create competent students. I find that my hardest opposition, so far, is immersing myself in reading and writing. I am a busy-body and feel the need to be moving all of the time. This semester in YA Lit 438 I want to learn to slow down and enjoy literature. I want to develop a balanced literate life to exemplify to my future classroom. I am going to start with reading 30 minutes in the morning and at lunch then I will proceed with my assigned reading in the evenings. I want to find that love for literature so I will be able to be better prepared for teaching someday soon. 


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