Analysis of Don Gallo’s article, “How the Classics Create an Alliterate Society.”

I connected to the words of Gallo. I was that teen reader who was reluctant. I did not enjoy reading and wanted to be active instead. I did not realize how important reading was to my life until last year. Thankfully I had a few amazing English teachers in high school and I have been lucky enough to have some great ones in college as well. I was disinterested in the classics; I could appreciate their story but did not connect to the characters easily. Luckily, English, spelling, and the grammar portion has been fairly easy for me. I read what was assigned and so did my classmates but as an adult now I am beginning to reread those classics that I missed out on in high school. I have always been more of a writer and less of a reader and knowing this, I want to improve that in order to be a well rounded alliterate English teacher some day. #Eng438 


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